BOWABooker T Washington National Monument (US National Park Service)
BOWABest of What's Around (Dave Matthews Band song)
BOWABushwalkers of Western Australia (est. 1980)
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This statement of key company values is something that is taught to all 70 employees at BOWA, old and new, and has even been translated into Spanish so that every person has a complete understanding.
The five values are demonstrated to customers through the service BOWA provides.
Since 2000, BOWA Builders has taken its dedication to these values to the next level.
For example, a neighbor might use the card to make sure a BOWA truck isn't parked in front of their house when they are expecting some sort of delivery.
For an added personal touch, the staff at BOWA don't just mail the cards--the project manager knocks on doors and hands them out.
Weinberg says BOWA has even begun recruiting, through his employees' networks, from among workers not yet in the United States.
BOWA also offers to pay for language education, both English classes for Spanish speakers and Spanish classes fur English-speaking supervisors.
BOWA now allows more time for selections and explains to clients that they will have to invest time, not just dollars, in a remodeling project.
But Kirstein at BOWA says one area where he has found today's client to be savvy is in negotiating contracts.
Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital" disposable ARDO, BOWA, CAREFUSION, Cheiron, COOK, HAEMONETICS, HIRTZ, Kanmed, Mortara, Philips, Richard-Wolf, Tanita and TRUMPF manufactured medical equipment maintenance and service solutions.