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BOWTIEBasic Over the Web Tactical Imagery Exploitation
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Edgestitch the tree and bowtie perimeter using coordinating or contrasting thread.
We particularly love the Binakol bowties that add a hip, nationalistic touch to any guy's outfit--and guess what?
For any monopolar partition (A, B) of G, the center of a bowtie must belong to A.
2) BWT [7] based approaches, such as BowTie [20] and BWA [22], create a BWT based index and use an iterative prefix matching technique to find an alignment.
Because the bowtie dipole possesses a wide operating band and good efficiency in the antenna case, it is a good candidate for matching between the free space and the resistive load in a wide frequency band.
The original resonance frequency of the bowtie antenna is optimized to be 2 THz.
Designed to mirror the Budweiser bowtie logo, the new cans are scheduled to begin appearing on store shelves this week.
According to GM, Chevrolet Enjoy's front styling is defined by the signature Chevrolet Gold Bowtie in the Chrome Surround Three-dimensional Grille and Leaf Style Fog Lamps.
Aluminum can be stretched only about 10% without fracturing, which requires that the angles of the bowtie be very precise.
Our simulation results show that the FBBA antenna may be optimized to yield extraordinary enhancement of the localized near-field by more than 1,800 times which is far higher than what can be achieved by a conventional bowtie antenna with the same gap separation.
For viscous, low shear/high flow applications, a combination of bowtie blades and an anchor agitator is said to deliver rapid turnover as well as superior heat transfer.
7 February 2013 - I-5 Publishing LLC, a new joint venture between two publishing industry experts, said on Thursday it had taken over the special interest media brands of BowTie Inc without disclosing the purchase price.