BPAFBuggy de Poche a Fond (French recreational vehicle association)
BPAFBusiness Process Analytics Format
BPAFBroward Performing Arts Foundation (Florida)
BPAFBoston Pan-African Forum (Boston, MA)
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mER[beta]2 had the greatest activation following BPAF, 1-BP, or Coum treatment.
For example, co-expression of mER[beta]2 and mER[beta]1 resulted in significantly less transactivation than in mER[beta]1expressing cells but more than in mER[beta]2 expressing cells upon treatment with BPA or BPAF, yet activity following HPTE treatment is not significantly different than mER[beta]2 activity.
In addition, BPAF may cause tissue disorganization and promote the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells [4].
In this work, USAEME was used to analyze the amounts of BPA and BPAF in vinegar.
The last item on the BPAF related to medical record documentation of the use of the forearm for BP measurement.
Possessing fluorine in place of six hydrogen atoms makes BPAF behave differently than BPA, Yasuyuki Shimohigashi of Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, and colleagues report online April 28 in Environmental Health Perspectives.
The Japanese group finds that BPAF mostly ignores ERR-gamma but has a strong affinity for the estrogen receptors alpha and beta.
Group 1 consists of BPA, BPAF, HPTE, and 4n-NP because of their shared bisphenol or phenol group.
29 bisphenol, phenol intermediate BPAF (bisphenol AF) Diphenylalkane, Chemical 336.
METHODS: We used three human cell lines (Ishikawa, HeLa, and HepG2) representing three cell types to evaluate the estrogen promoter activity of BPA, BPAF, and Zea on ER[alpha] and ERf[beta].
At lower concentrations, BPA acted as an antagonist for ER[alpha] in Ishikawa cells and BPAF acted as an antagonist for ER f3 in HeLa cells, whereas Zea was only a partial antagonist for ER[alpha].
Several structural analogues of BPA, including BPB, HPP, and BPAF, were identified as hPXR agonists.