BPAGBullous Pemphigoid Antigen (immunology)
bPAGBovine Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein
BPAGBlack Plastic Army Gun (military slang)
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Plasma concentration-time profiles of BPA and BPAG were analyzed according to a noncompartmental approach using WinNonlin[R] Professional, version 5.
05 and 5 mg/kg), we defined the extent of BPA sublingual absorption as the ratio of the BPAG [AUC.
Chicago, IL, USA) were used to analyze differences in mean BPA and BPAG pharmacokinetic parameters ([AUC.
The values for pharmacokinetic parameters of BPA and BPAG obtained for different doses via different routes (iv, sublingual, and orogastric) of BPA administration are presented in Tables 1 and 2.
04; Table 1, Figure 2A), whereas the corresponding mean BPAG [AUC.
05 mg/kg), whereas BPAG plasma levels in three dogs remained > LOQ for 8-10 hr after BPA administration.
05 mg/kg dose was 90 [+ or -] 26%, as computed by the mean ratio of the BPAG [AUC.
This value was lower than the mean ratio of BPAG AUC values (54 [+ or -] 19%), showing that BPA was rather well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract but that most absorbed BPA is metabolized by a first-pass effect at the hepatic level.
This finding was supported by the high extent of BPA bioavailability computed using systemic exposure to BPAG (81%).