BPAIBoard of Patent Appeals and Interferences
BPAIBoris Peters Associates International (Baltimore, MD)
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For modifying procedure, we recommend that the median nerve and musculocutaneous nerve can be recipient nerve together for CC7 transfer to repair BPAI.
The PTAB's powers and responsibilities are a substantial step-up from those of its predecessor, the BPAI.
Ultimately, the BPAI found that the patent claim was an abstract idea
Here, the BPAI appeared to struggle with grasping the definition of the technology itself and consequently applied the prior art too broadly in making its obviousness determination.
do not like the result before the BPAI can then appeal to the Federal
23) In Ex parte Tse-Huong Choo, the BPAI rejected a
In the latest development in the case, a decision by the BPAI dated 16 August 2010 affirmed the USPTO Examiner's finding of invalidity of two of the claims and reversed the finding of invalidity of the other three asserted claims.
The patent office rejected the claims and the applicant appealed to the BPAI, which also rejected the claims.
In its ruling on the interference--an instance in patent law when two patents claim the same invention--the BPAI found in favor of Affymetrix and nullified two claims (regarding the mechanism by which a fluid between two substrates is mixed) from the patent, which had been exclusively licensed to Agilent.
The BPAI then issued an Order to Show Cause, directing the Leiden applicants to demonstrate how they could prevail on the issue of priority of invention over Hammond.
Outcome breakdown for appeal cycles exiting the appeal process after the examiner's reply but before the BPAI decision