BPAQBuss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire
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When the same analysis was performed with the control group, it was found that as TSH levels increased, BPAQ total (r=-0.
In the noncriminal APD group, although serum free T3 levels increased, BPAQ total (r=0.
Analyses of the psychometric scores (SRP-III, BPAQ, BIS-11, and IPAS) did not reveal any notable associations or trends with overall aggressive response rates or IRT distributions.
Current BPAQ scores assessed at 2 month intervals for CON participants documented that they did not significantly alter their physical activity levels during the study (2 months, 1.
Furthermore, most of the dimensionality problems found in the BPAQ are associated with these dimensions.
As can be seen, each I-DAQ scale showed the highest correlation with its corresponding BPAQ and IAS scale.
As expected, both aggressive groups scored significantly higher than controls on measures of aggression such as the BPAQ and LHAQ, indicating that the screening procedures successfully formed the appropriate groups.
All BPAQ and BIS scores represent T scores (a) denotes significant difference from controls (p [less than or equal to] .
The Anger and Hostility scales of the BPAQ were avoided for two main reasons.
It seems that SD has a moderate to high effect on the BPAQ scales.
Descriptive statistics indicated that the variables of age, height, weight, exercise per week, and BPAQ score had no significant difference (p = 0.