BPChBest Practices Clearinghouse
BPCHBay Park Community Hospital (Oregon, OH)
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These sections describe how these requirements are implemented in the case of the BPCh.
More information on the rating scale can be found on the BPCh page of the Acquisition Community Connection of DAU (https://acc.
No status assigned/Initial entry: A new Practice Record is initially entered into the BPCh when it is nominated by our experts and/or user communities.
Silver status/Evaluation performed: When a sufficient set of Evidence Profiles is available, the BPCh experts will fill in the Practice Summary block and the status is set to Silver Level.
We have been piloting BPCh processes and tools by seeding initial content.
We hope that visitors to the BPCh tool will try out the offered features for providing short stories about their own experience with practices in these (or any other) areas.
Based on our experience with the BPCh program and other knowledgemanagement projects, we can formulate some observations which make useful rules of thumb for good practices to build such systems.
Our most important lesson learned is a direct implication of the BPCh vision: There is no such thing as a "Best Practice.
To create the front end of the BPCh tool, which helps users find candidate practices, explore possibilities, and get more information on practices of real interest, we have found that prototyping and agile strategies are extremely valuable for developing knowledge-management systems.
Users should also bear in mind that additional and new evidence will continue to be added to existing practices recorded in BPCh, describing results in new contexts, with summaries updated as needed to reflect the new knowledge.
An initial BPCh prototype is being demonstrated at the April 2005 System and Software Technology Conference.
For more information on the BPCh, contact John Hickok at john.