BPCRBlack Powder Cartridge Rifle
BPCRBreakout Procurement Center Representative
BPCRBritish Pedal Car Racing (UK)
BPCRBatch Production & Control Record
BPCRBluff Point Coastal Reserve (Connecticut)
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By my calculations every round I fire in BPCR Silhouette costs me over 500 and I might shoot a couple thousand in an active year.
BPCR can uncover the subtle differences between these two variables and identify which is the most important.
But, here's my bet: If there are shooters in your area involved in the cowboy action shooting or BPCR Silhouette games, they will travel some distance just to see what you have once word gets out that you have such items in stock.
In fact my interest is so strong in this game even after all these years that there are seven dedicated BPCR Silhouette rifles in the vault and over two dozen suitable bullet molds stored above a likewise dedicated lead melting furnace.
41 Long Colt, and then to the joy of the BPCR crowd they added some rifle cases to the lineup.
I've been match director for numerous state and regional BPCR silhouette championships so organizing a new one didn't seem daunting.
I stay home as much as possible except as mentioned when driving to BPCR Silhouette matches with friends.
In the fall of 2011 a long-time friend decided he would like to try his hand at the BPCR Silhouette game so I took him along to a match.
I've won two state championship titles but the highest I've ever placed at the BPCR Silhouette national championships is seventh.
Likewise only two of my many black powder cartridge rifles (BPCRs) could fill their specialized niche, which is BPCR Silhouette competition.
However, he is a Master Class shooter in the BPCR Silhouette and Long Range Target games and holds state champion titles from both Montana and Arizona.
About a month prior to this writing, my cell phone rang just as I was pulling onto the highway on my way to a weekend BPCR silhouette match.