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BPCSBasic Process Control System
BPCSBetter Process Control School
BPCSBusiness Planning and Control System
BPCSBit-Plane Complexity Segmentation (steganography)
BPCSBroadband Personal Communications System (FCC)
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The easy-to-use BioArmour BPCS is a disposable antimicrobial hygienic barrier that attaches to the blood pressure cuff to prevent direct contact of the cuff with the patient's skin.
As part of the BPCS program, three Civic Attitudes and Behaviors surveys
PHOENIX has emerged as a high quality, proven consulting organization with many years of experience and a track record of providing significant business value to SSA BPCS clients.
Richieri, Director de Estrategia y Desarrollo de Soluciones de SSA GT Latinoamerica, menciona: "Dentro de las soluciones de SSA GT, BPCS Business Intelligence (BPCS BI) es un importante componente mas de la estrategia global de soluciones que utiliza tecnologia Cognos, socio estrategico de SSA GT.
BPCS EPAs provides a low-risk solution eliminating the business analysis, development and integration phases required in traditional implementations.
BPCS es una plataforma ERP flexible que se integra facilmente con las aplicaciones de los socios estrategicos de SSA GT para entregar soluciones de comercio electronico, de inteligencia comercial, de administracion de relaciones con el cliente (CRM) y de cadena de suministro.
BPCS has been providing world class consultancy services for over 35 years.
BPCS (Business Planning and Control System) provides a solution that spans the manufacturing and industrial sectors, yet provides deep and specific functionality for highly defined vertical markets.
The new BPCS on Windows NT/Windows 2000 supports a two-tier architecture - the BPCS client software resides on a PC running Windows 95,98,2000 or NT Workstation 4.
JGI's experience and knowledge of the BPCS product, as well as its strong infrastructure of highly-skilled professionals with knowledge of enterprise planning, Web and business intelligence solutions, makes the company uniquely qualified to lead the BPCS migration efforts to WorldSoftware(TM) and OneWorld(R).
org, Melanie Turner, BPCS Marketing Manager said, "BPCS is extremely proud of the achievements made through its work with postal organisations across the globe to help them meet the challenges of today's increasingly competitive postal market.
According to Taylor Manufacturing Systems applications manager, David Weger, TESS extends the capabilities of the BPCS Client/Server V6 into the arena of short term planning and shop floor scheduling and execution.