BPDGBroadcast Protection Discussion Group
BPDGBanque Profil de Gestion (French: Bank Management Profile; Switzerland)
BPDGBiochemical Pharmacology Discussion Group
BPDGBiblioteca Provinciale de Gemmis (Italian: Gemmis Provinicial Library; Bari, Italy; est. 1960)
BPDGBatavia Plain Dirt Gardeners, Inc. (Batavia, IL)
BPDGBusiness Process Development Group (Cisco)
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The BPDG was created to discuss approaches to address the challenge of preventing digital TV broadcasts from being re-transmitted over the Internet, and to do so in a way that allows technology to thrive and the consumer to be protected.
A group of companies within the BPDG, however, is pressing an approach through which all manufacturers of TVs, DVDs, and other devices will have to sign up for an overly broad, burdensome and private license, which will govern the encryption technologies that must be in these devices and the process to enforce copyright protection.