BPEGBruce Peninsula Environment Group (Canada)
BPEGBritish Pacing & Electrophysiology Group
BPEGBeijing Power Equipment Group (China)
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Other prominent vendors in the market are: Alben Industries, Alstom, BPEG Reactors, JSC Zaporozhtransformator and Transformers & Rectifiers.
Market Analysis III-63 Current and Future Analysis III-63 Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices Market Overview III-63 Regulatory Environment III-63 Pacing Guidelines in the UK III-63 BPEG Specifications on Modes of Pacing III-64 Key Statistics III-64 B.
Other Prominent Vendors - Alben Industries - Alstom - BPEG Reactors - JSC Zaporozhtransformator - Transformers & Rectifiers Key Market Driver - Focus on Increasing Grid Reliability in Developing Countries - Increased Industrialization in Developing Countries - Addition of High Voltage Transmission Lines Key Market Challenge - Mature Markets in Some Major Countries - Introduction of Other Technologies - Increased Investment in HVDC Technology Key Market Trend - Emergence of Smart Grids - Increased Investment in Renewable Energy Sources - Increased Investment in R&D Key Questions Answered in this Report - What will the market size be in 2018 and what will the growth rate be?