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BPELBusiness Process Execution Language (for Web Services)
BPELBusiness Partnership for Early Learning (Seattle, WA)
BPELBéton Précontraint aux États-Limites (French: Prestressed Concrete with Borderlines)
BPELBilan de Prescription et d'Evaluation Linguistique (French: Review of Prescription and Assessment Language)
BPELBiological and Physiological Engineering Laboratory (est. 1979; Toyohashi University of Technology; Japan)
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Among the most popular composition languages for Web services we note BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) [5].
BPEL is an XML-based language derived from WSFL (Web Services Flow Language) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language), applied to business.
La menor estimacion para el modelo de Clench se registro en el BPEL con el 56%, mientras que para el modelo de Dependencia Lineal esta se obtuvo en el BMM con el 79% de las especies estimadas.
El usuario interactua con la plataforma por medio de una aplicacion que respalda el envio de las peticiones expresadas como modelos de comportamiento BPEL.
Baresi et al [3] plantean una metodologia para controlar la distribucion de la ejecucion de un proceso de negocio BPEL, implementando tecnicas de descomposicion que dan como resultado varios subprocesos hijos.
BPEL describes the flow of a business process as a sequence of interactions between Web Services.
Although BPEL Process Manager will run on any J2EE-compliant application server, Oracle's pricing model is clearly designed to push customers towards its own software: BPEL Process Manager costs $10,000 with Application Server 10g, $30,000 by itself.
You can do everything with BPEL that WSCI can do, and more," he said.
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The testable WS-BPEL specification is processed to test the service performance by WS- BPEL engine, as shown in Fig.
Some other areas examined include exercise generation by group models for autonomous web-based learning, textual views in model driven engineering, investigating the impact of business risk in requirements selection decisions, and fault-tolerant BPEL workflow execution via cloud-aware recovery policies.
The solution reportedly offers a comprehensive Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), fully enabled for standard, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services and BPEL process execution, and can be deployed on scalable, multi-server n-tier architecture.