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BPELBusiness Process Execution Language (for Web Services)
BPELBusiness Partnership for Early Learning (Seattle, WA)
BPELBéton Précontraint aux États-Limites (French: Prestressed Concrete with Borderlines)
BPELBilan de Prescription et d'Evaluation Linguistique (French: Review of Prescription and Assessment Language)
BPELBiological and Physiological Engineering Laboratory (est. 1979; Toyohashi University of Technology; Japan)
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Serving as the foundation of the Click Commerce SOA, Oracle BPEL Process Manager provides the flexibility to create a wide range of composite applications that span Click Commerce, third-party and legacy applications.
By providing a language for specifying both executable and abstract business processes, BPEL extends the Web services interaction model to help better support business-to-business transactions," explained John Evdemon of Microsoft, co-chair of the OASIS WSBPEL Technical Committee.
TIBCO BusinessWorks with support for BPEL will further help companies simplify the re-use of existing IT assets through a more manageable, adaptive and cost-effective infrastructure.
0 allows SOA application developers and ISVs to leverage the power of the BPEL 2.
Compliance with standards such as BPEL and BPMN are key to enabling organizations to maximize their business processes and leverage them throughout their enterprise.
With the addition of BPEL Process Manager, Oracle users will be able to achieve true business process automation using a native implementation of the open BPEL standard, rather than the proprietary formats used by rival systems.
But O'Toole's comments make it even less likely that there will ever be a compromise between BPEL and WSCI in this vital area of web services orchestration, otherwise known as workflow.
You can do everything with BPEL that WSCI can do, and more," he said.
AmberPoint's initial list of supported process managers includes Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle WebLogic Integration, Microsoft BizTalk Server and TIBCO BusinessWorks.
In related news, AmberPoint also announced today that it has extended its management software to include process engines, including Oracle BPEL Process Manager (see "AmberPoint Brings Comprehensive Application Management to Business Process Managers") and strong sales growth (see "AmberPoint Announces Sales Growth of More than 40 Percent in the First Half of Its Year").
IT developers recognize the value of BPEL as a standard that can simplify the implementation of business processes within an SOA--both internally within their organization and externally with other enterprises.
The session, entitled "Oracle SOA Suite - Monitor & Manage Oracle BPEL & ESB," will discuss how ClearApp QuickVision for Oracle SOA Suite overcomes common composite application management challenges inherent in service-oriented architectures (SOA).