BPEPBaring Private Equity Partners
BPEPBasic and Primary Education Programme (Nepal)
BPEPBalochistan Primary Education Project (Pakistan)
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Our company-wide BPEP made significant progress in sustainably reducing our cost base.
Cash fixed costs to be below SA PPI, taking into account the R4,0 billion cash cost savings, as a result of the BPEP, with an exit run rate of at least R4,3 billion by the end of financial year 2016;
After receiving the information that a BPEP was found on the biopsy specimen, immunostains for PSA and PAP (Figure 2, B) were performed on cytospin preparations from a 1-day-old urine sample.
Occasional intraluminal concretions and tiny basophilic granules were also seen, all diagnostic of a BPEP.
Based on the morphologic similarity of these mutinous cells to those found in the bladder lesion and dissimilarity to the cells we found associated with BPEPs alone, it is most probable that the mucinous cells derived from cystitis glandularis within the bladder rather than the BPEP.
The buyout will enable BPEP to continue to grow the successful international private equity business it has built over the past 19 years with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has always characterized the firm.
The move by BPEP to secure its independence represents the latest in a series of recent high-profile transactions that has seen private equity captives and semi-captives negotiate exits from their parent companies.
This additional leadership will help Accellion to aggressively accelerate and achieve its goals in Asia," commented Jean Salata, managing partner for BPEP Asia.
I am looking forward to working with the Accellion team to identify and develop revenue opportunities and strategic relationships throughout the Asia-Pacific region," said Ed Yang, operating partner for BPEP Asia.
ING and the management of BPEP expect the completion of the transaction by year-end.
With over $2 billion in funds under management, BPEP has one of the most extensive on-the-ground networks of any international private equity provider.
Cochaired by Provincial Council chairman Mueen al-Khademy and coalition representatives, the BPEPS was largely restricted to strategic discussions pertaining to economic development and essential services.