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BPFBritish Property Federation (UK)
BPFBerkeley Packet Filter
BPFBritish Plastics Federation
BPFBand-Pass Filter
BPFBonnes Pratiques de Fabrication (Good Manufacturing Practice)
BPFBat Performance Factor
BPFBritish Pacific Fleet
BPFBest Practice Funding (Google)
BPFBrevet des Provinces Françaises (French cycling certification)
BPFBlade Passing Frequency
BPFBelgische Petroleum Federatie (Belgian Petroleum Federation)
BPFBusiness Process Flow
BPFBilan Pédagogique et Financier (French: Pedagogical and Financial Balance)
BPFBlows Per Foot (geology)
BPFBroncho Pleural Fistula
BPFBritish Philatelic Federation
BPFBanco Popular France (French bank)
BPFBureau de Poste de la Flotte (Canada Post)
BPFBeryllium Propellant Facility
BPFBourgogne Produits Frais (French: Burgundy Fresh Products; Burgundy, France)
BPFBalanced Plateaued Function
BPFBottom Pressure Fluctuation
BPFBiologie et Pathogénicité Fongiques (French: Fungal Biology and Pathogenicity)
BPFBranche de Prévoyance Familiale (French: Family Welfare Branch)
BPFBlueprint File
BPFButch Pet Food (New Zealand)
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BPF's Director General Philip Law said, The new group will combine the great traditions of both PAFA and the BPF to create a very powerful platform for this industry sector, massively increasing its comparable advantage.
In this analysis we summarize in vivo and in vitro literature and compare the hormonal potency of BPS and BPF to BPA using the in vitro studies.
Also, a modified EBG-embedded MMR for UWB BPF with improved upper-stopband performance has been explored in (D.
Does your BPF comply with Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA?
Alleging atrocities by Bodos, as the BPF is in power in Bodoland Teritorrial Council, 19 non- Bodo organisations extended their support to Sarania.
A BPF spokesman said, “We are very happy to accept this donation in the form of digital currency as we appreciate that digital currencies may represent the future of money - just as brain preservation may represent the future of end-of-life care.
The central bank said that Investbank was guilty of false financial reporting and inadequate capital levels, while BPF was a threat to creditors because of its high risk borrowing.
Investbank was accused of false financial reporting and inadequate capital levels, while BPF was seen as a threat to creditors because of its high risk borrowing.
I am only hoping that my BPF does not transform into NPNBF - No Pants No Bra Fatigue brought on by too many SPPDs (Strategically Placed Panel Dresses).
After the success of the inaugural edition in 2012, this year's BPF promises to be even more attractive to art and photography aficionados.
BPF President Hagrama Mohilary has insisted the Bodoland issue must be tabled at the monsoon session beginning 5 August.
BPF chief executive Liz Peace said: "Once again landlords are being asked to play a significant part in rescuing a business, and a minority at that who are being asked to take a big hit to keep a far bigger business afloat.