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BPFBritish Property Federation (UK)
BPFBerkeley Packet Filter
BPFBritish Plastics Federation
BPFBand-Pass Filter
BPFBonnes Pratiques de Fabrication (Good Manufacturing Practice)
BPFBand Pass Filter
BPFBest Path First
BPFBrain Preservation Foundation (cryonics group)
BPFBat Performance Factor
BPFBon pour Francs (French: Good for Franks)
BPFBritish Pacific Fleet
BPFBest Practice Funding (Google)
BPFButch Pet Foods (New Zealand)
BPFBrevet des Provinces Françaises (French cycling certification)
BPFBlade Passing Frequency
BPFBelgische Petroleum Federatie (Belgian Petroleum Federation)
BPFBusiness Process Flow
BPFBilan Pédagogique et Financier (French: Pedagogical and Financial Balance)
BPFBlows Per Foot (geology)
BPFBulgarian Poker Festival (cards)
BPFBroncho Pleural Fistula
BPFBritish Philatelic Federation
BPFBureau de Poste de la Flotte (Canada Post)
BPFBanco Popular France (French bank)
BPFBeryllium Propellant Facility
BPFBourgogne Produits Frais (French: Burgundy Fresh Products; Burgundy, France)
BPFBottom Pressure Fluctuation
BPFBalanced Plateaued Function
BPFBranche de Prévoyance Familiale (French: Family Welfare Branch)
BPFBiologie et Pathogénicité Fongiques (French: Fungal Biology and Pathogenicity)
BPFBlueprint File
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We performed a comprehensive literature search in order to identify studies describing endocrine and other physiological effects of exposure to BPF and BPS.
On hospital day five, a CT chest scan was repeated, which revealed a large right-sided BPF (Figure B), explaining the persistent large air-leak.
Does your BPF have a proven track record in insurance, banking and technology?
A week later, on April 30, BPF leader Pramila Rani said Brahma could lose because 80 per cent Muslims had voted for Sarania.
For example, BPF would have access to cheaper funding,
BPF has had problems honoring obligations since November.
0 GHz satellite communication systems signals can easily interfere with UWB users, therefore, compact UWB BPF with multiple notched bands is emergently required to reject these interfering signals [9-15].
Ian Fletcher, director of policy at the BPF, said: "It would be improper use of the insolvency system if companies were able to pick and choose which parts of their contractual commitments they would like to walk away from in order to improve the profitability of their business and leave some creditors with unfulfilled contracts.
After the success of the inaugural edition in 2012, this year's BPF promises to be even more attractive to art and photography aficionados.
BPF President Hagrama Mohilary has insisted the Bodoland issue must be tabled at the monsoon session beginning 5 August.
An initial MMR with stepped-impedance configuration was originally reported in [1] to make use of its first three resonant modes in forming a BPF that covers the overall ultra-wideband (UWB) passband (3.
Material e Metodos: As etapas para a implantacao do plano APPCC foram desenvolvidas de acordo com o MAPA (2), sendo elas: a) Formacao da equipe responsavel pela elaboracao e implantacao do plano, incluindo um supervisor, um coordenador e colaboradores; b) Identificacao da empresa, uma granja leiteira localizada na regiao de Aragatuba-SP, que produz de 4 a 5 mil litros de leite tipo A diariamente; c) Avaliacao dos pre-requisitos, que incluiram as BPF e os POP.