BPHCBureau of Primary Health Care
BPHCBoston Public Health Commission
BPHCBoardwalk Pipelines Holding Corp. (Owensboro, KY)
BPHCBlock Primary Health Centre (India)
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The data and points of view included within the report serve to guide our work, inform our strategic priorities, and increase our capacity to address these challenges through targeted partnerships and collaboration," said BPHC Executive Director Monica Valdes Lupi, JD, MPH.
As required by BPHC research laboratory regulations, occupational health notified BPHC, which notified the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and CDC.
BCG, OPV, DTP, and MCV); however, all districts had at least 1 BPHC with a stock out of 1 vaccine in the 3 months prior to the assessment.
In the regressions using radius-based measures (Table 7), a greater number of BPHC providers within a 10-mile radius is associated not only with the frequency of office-based visits, but also with a higher probability of any medical expenditures or charges.
The intent of this article is to describe the role of BPHC, OMWH, and their legislative mission to enhance the health status of underserved and vulnerable women and their children; to briefly review some of the background data on the medically underserved and the particular status of women of color within that population; to identify a series of questions to help frame the policy dialogue for developing services to medically underserved women of color; and to invite dialogue, feedback, and participation with social workers around a number of these key questions and issues that can help guide our collective vision and health care initiatives for the medically underserved over the next several years.
George spent most of the time in HRSA working within the BPHC and its predecessors providing advice and assistance to Community and Migrant Health Centers.
Along with colleagues from Boston Police and Boston Fire Departments, our public health staff have been helping people find the services they need when they need them, and linking people to a continuum of services that exist across the City," said BPHC Executive Director Monica Valdes Lupi, JD, MPH.
The BPHC is an organization created in 1996 to administer the city's essential public health programs and to act as lessor for the Boston Medical Center Corporation (BMCC), the entity operating the former Boston City Hospital and Boston University Medical Center Hospital.
Jim Clary, Mi-Co CEO stated at the announcement, "The mission of the Boston Public Health Commission is to protect the health of all Boston residents, particularly the most vulnerable and Mi-Co is extremely pleased to work with BPHC.
This award will make a lasting, crucial difference in the lives of women and their children that are served by BPHC and Entre Familia," said Mayor Walsh.
With the take-out of the 1993 FHA insured bonds, the city expects to be able to reduce its assistance grant payments, which equal debt service on the special obligation bonds, to the BPHC by more than $1 million annually.
TekInsight e-Government Services will create and reconfigure a new solution for the transformation of current BPHC fragmented applications into a single enterprise system.