BPHSBethel Park High School (Pennsylvania)
BPHSBest Practice High School (Chicago, IL)
BPHSBrihat Parashara Hora Shastra
BPHSBig Picture High School (educational program)
BPHSBossley Park High School
BPHSBritish Pharmacological Society
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Following withdrawal of BPHS program funding in 1996 due to change of government, team structures were generally discontinued in the cases observed Lambert et Whitegoods 2003-03 Characterised by a al.
The delivery of BPHS in Afghanistan has improved remarkably over the last four years.
As far as mental health is concerned, the challenge ahead is the development of a holistic and comprehensive approach which includes psychiatric and psychosocial counselling services to improve mental health in the BPHS backbone.
In order to ensure continuity, it is of utter importance to continue the support to the country in the implementation of the BPHS.
Component 1: Sustaining and improving BPHS and EPHS services: The AF will support the extension of BPHS in 13 additional provinces and EPHS in 5 additional provincial hospitals through performance-based contracts between MOPH and NGOs.
Strengthen TB activities in the BPHS: Support the comprehensive implementation of TB detection and treatment within the BPHS, which provides health services in clinics and communities across the country.
weighing scales, and most available equipment fails to meet BPHS standards.
Developing, in coordination with MoPH s Health Monitoring Information System (HMIS), a NSS for quarterly data collection from the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) facilities to cover all districts: This will include: revision and adaption of reporting forms to capture specific nutrition data currently unreported through the HMIS as well as training BPHS staff on its use.