BPICSBritish Production and Inventory Control Society (now Institute of Operations Management)
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Quantitative data was collected through the use of a detailed questionnaire to survey CAPIC members, constructed along similar lines to the earlier survey of members of BPICS (Newell and Clark 1990).
Comparisons will be made, where relevant, between data collected from CAPIC and earlier surveys of APICS (in 1987) and of BPICS (in 1989 - see Newell and Clark 1990).
Compared to APICS, CAPIC and BPICS are small (approximately a half and a quarter of the relative size, respectively) and, for this reason alone, have less potential to disseminate knowledge via their members.
In Britain, BPICS has relatively more members working for small companies (20 percent in companies under 100).
courses for the CPIM) whereas BPICS tends to be more concerned with professional development activities and, as seen, it is precisely these sorts of activities that appear to be more strongly associated with the adoption of technologies in PIC.
The business process model of enterprise", Control, BPICS, February/March 1994, pp.
I had a lot of experience with ERP systems, having implemented systems such as Baan, ManMan, BPICS, and QAD in Fortune 100 companies," he said.
The company also has interfaces to MRP/ERP packages such as SAP, ORACLE, MAPICS, BPICS, etc.