BPIFBritish Printing Industries Federation
BPIFBoreal Partners in Flight (animal conservation; Alaska)
BPIFBusiness Process Interoperability Framework (Department of Finance and Deregulation; Australia)
BPIFBackplane Interface
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BPIF proteins exist as two subgroups; BPIFA proteins (formally SPLUNCs) and BPIFB proteins (formally LPLUNCs).
Pinstripe attained the BPIF ISO 12647-2 colour management scheme certification this month after completing the British Print Industries Federation's (BPIF's) ISO 12647-2 certification assessment under Print & Media Certi-fication (PMC), a UKAS accredited body.
The new ISO12647 scheme enlarges on the BPIF s ISO12647-2 certificate to let not only offset litho printers, however also flexo, wide-format and digital businesses to attain an award requested to be the first of its kind, in that it fulfills the necessities of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).
BPIF chief executive Kathy Woodward praised all the category award winners and called on the industry to focus on creating a culture of sustainable prices to drive growth.
The BPIF awards are intended to reward and showcase the most innovative and creative companies across the print media spectrum and are recognized.
Print Cymru Initiative Joint programme with Wales Print & Coatings Forum and the printing trade body BPIF.
Three months ended December 31, September 30, 2003 2002 2003 (Dollar amounts in thousands) Mutual funds revenue BlackRock Funds $18,865 $16,862 $17,255 Closed-end Funds 15,804 11,442 13,267 BPIF 21,486 21,674 21,694 STIF 263 232 266 Total mutual funds revenue 56,418 50,210 52,482 Separate accounts revenue Separate accounts base fees 83,059 70,648 78,152 Separate accounts performance fees 1,800 883 2,403 Total separate accounts revenue 84,859 71,531 80,555 Total investment advisory and administration fees 141,277 121,741 133,037 Other income 19,934 15,296 17,307 Total revenue $161,211 $137,037 $150,344 Variance vs.
Among label printers, the primary reason for the poor demand is ignorance," said John Bambery, chairman of BPIF Labels, which represents label printers.
The BPIF supplemented the McInnes Corporate survey with sector-specific data from its Printing for Profit survey report.
Revenue growth from second quarter 2003 results largely from the successful offering of new closed-end funds, higher BPIF AUM and increased sales of BlackRock Solutions products.
In its latest survey of the outlook for printing in the UK, the BPIF found that few printing companies in the country were able to increase their prices.