BPKPBadan Pengawasan Keuangan Dan Pembangunan (Indonesian state finance and development survelliance committee)
BPKPBahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar (Malay: Student Admission Management Division; Malaysia)
BPKPBadan Pemeriksa Keuangan Pemerintah (Indonesian: Government Audit Agency)
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My fieldwork in Nakai took place during a temporary lull in the development of the area, that is, after the bankruptcy of BPKP and before the formal commencement of NT2.
They were disparaging of the new head of the forestry section in the DAFO, making knowing asides that he was a former BPKP employee and only gave paid work to his friends, then talked of the district governor who just helps his relatives from his home district in the lowlands of Khammouane, and an angry wife who reported her husband's infidelity to the police who promptly demanded a US$200 fine.
The government, however, has not yet decided how it will sanction institutions that falsify reports, or how to design effective measures to allow BPKP to audit all ministries and state institutions.
The nonbudgetary funds that have been reported to BPKP so far have a total asset value of about 7.
Until now the mines and energy minister has not received the report as it is still being studied by BPKP and the attorney general.
The PWC report contradicted Pertamina's official financial report as audited by the government financial watchdog BPKP which described the company as healthy saying that the company reported a high increase in profit from Rp295 billion to Rp2.
The move followed report from BPKP about the loss suffered by the government for the failure of Freeport to report the sales of iron, sulfur and other metal by products of copper concentrate.
Cancellation is not the only approach, as there are other penalties such as the contract's being transferred to another company, renegotiation, continuation in line with the results of investigation by BPKP (the Financial and Development Audit Board), the elimination of exclusive facilities in the sense that the project has to be opened to other private companies after the contract's being terminated and retendered.