BPLABlood Pressure Lowering Arm
BPLABoston Patent Law Association
BPLABig Powderhorn Lodging Association
BPLABusiness and Professional Licensing Administration
BPLABroadcast & Professional Latin America Division (Sony Latin America, Inc.)
BPLABaloch People's Liberation Army
BPLABig Pine Lake Association
BPLABrooklyn Patriots in Los Angeles (from 1950s TV show, "The Life of Riley")
BPLABlack Pre-Law Association
BPLABurlington Provincial Liberal Association
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The BPLA, with tremendous support of professional organizations such as SBANE and active Massachusetts political leadership, has led this process since the beginning.
Sony BPLA is introducing a series of IP technology products designed to help SMBs keep business running smoothly.
Surveillance cameras and digital video recorders developed by Sony BPLA also can bring efficiency to the work place.
Lando said he wants BPLA members to speak at local high schools and colleges on intellectual property basics and to mentor law school students.
Hara-san joins BPLA with an impressive track record and vast experience in communications, finance, investor relations and business planning," said Hidetoshi Sugino, Vice President CSNC.
The leaders of the BPLA said that the undue transfers and postings of the college teachers would also be resisted, and asked the affected ones not to obey to the orders in this regard.
In a statement issued here, the President of BPLA, Professor Sher Zaman and General Secretary, Professor Muhammad Tariq Baloch said that the experiment of the Higher Secondary Schools has already met with failure in other provinces and under the given situation, it is not an understandable to repeat this in Balochistan.
The spokesman of the BPLA told the media that the college teachers are receiving threats for performing the election duties from some militant groups and banned organizations, so it has been decided that they (college teachers) would not be doing their duties on the day of polling on May 11 in at least 12 districts of the province, which otherwise are also considered to be the most sensitive from security point of view.
In a joint statement issued here, the President BPLA, Professor Sher Zaman, General Secretary, Professor Tariq Baloch, Professor Pindrani, Professor Sabirullah Bazai, Professor Khalil and others regretted that the issue of time scale promotions of college teachers is lying pending for last two and half years.
The President of the BPLA, Professor Sher Zaman Kakar, General Secretary Tariq Baloch and other office bearers said that the association was struggling for approval of the time scale policy for around last 18 months, which now has been approved thanks to the Chief Minister and Minister Education.
The office bearer of the Balochistan Professors and Lecturers Association (BPLA) and former President of the Musa College Unit, Professor Sabirullah Bazai, who was also present there, expressed the hope that the Director College would not disappoint the college teachers and BPLA in taking up their issues and resolving them amicably.
Speaking at the demonstration, President BPLA, Iqbal Bangulzai, General Secretary, Khalil Ahmed and others strongly condemned the killing of the senior teacher and an expert academician as Professor Bari was.