BPLCBanque Populaire Lorraine Champagne (French)
BPLCBritish Photographers' Liaison Committee (UK)
BPLCBrooklyn Park Lutheran Church (Minnesota)
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BBSA's Support Rating was affirmed at '2' and reflects Fitch's view about BPLC high probability of support to its subsidiary in Brazil if it should be required.
Every station in the BPLC access network implements the algorithm for the selective acknowledgment (SACK) at the MAC layer.
The proposed simulator is designed to allow researchers and engineers to effectively investigate BPLC access network performance, such as availability of the stations in the network and bandwidth, for different network characteristics and topologies.
The MAC layer of the BPLC network is modelled and simulated using the simulation framework OMNeT++ [2].
Performance of the BPLC network at the PHY layer is implemented through the probability of bit error rate ([P.
The BPLC network model is composed of passive and active nodes, interconnected by links which are characterized by the transmission delay only.
The active node corresponds to a model of the station in the BPLC network and represents the processing core of the proposed simulator (Fig.
Comprehensive simulations of the end-to-end communication links between all stations in the BPLC network are completed for a range of SNRs.
The proposed simulator was used to simulate the BPLC access cell network with five stations (Fig.
We found the following quantities as important for the analysis of the BPLC access network behaviour: throughput (upload and download), registration time and packet delivery ratio [11].