BPLGBNP Paribas Lease Group
BPLGBetter Power Lines Global (Pittsburgh, PA)
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Our commitment to a cleaner environment and helping tenants save on their utility costs led us to select BPLG s EasyGreen solution.
We are very pleased through our partnership with BPLG to be able to deploy smart grid solutions that will greatly benefit quality of life and economic expansion in Ghana," said Dieudonne Bakarani, president of BPL Africa, who also stated that BPL Africa is presently finalizing plans for smart grid deployments in a number of other sub Saharan countries.
Earlier this year, BPLG was named Overall Winner of GoingGreen East.
Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the SPA, the consideration received by the company as a result of BPLG acquiring 5% stake shall be utilized for the acquisition of the additional stake in SEFL.
BPLG is providing the tools that make it easy to do so.
BPLG will explore opportunities with thought leaders such as State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid and others to lead the transformation to a strong and smart grid for China.
BPLG was founded from the start as a company with a global strategy because electric utilities around the world are facing many of the same issues in providing clean, reliable and affordable electricity in the face of rising energy costs and increased demand.
Since 2001 BPLG technology has been supporting China's largest electric utilities including State Grid Corporation (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid.
BPLG technology enables utilities to integrate the control of customer loads for operational management without the need to replace existing meters with smart meters.
Combining the unparalleled market presence and solution breadth of Siemens and leading Smart Grid solutions from BPLG positions both companies to better serve our customers.
Along with the TMS, BPLG is the leading provider of on-line transformer monitor solutions including the TM Series of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitors as well as our family of Transformer Bushing Monitors.
Based in Pittsburgh, the new energy innovation capital of the world, BPLG is a transformational company front and center in the smart grid market with the opportunity to modernize electric grids worldwide.