BPLRBenchmark Prime Lending Rate
BPLRBorn Poor Live Rich
BPLRBenoit Paysant Le-Roux (French model planes)
BPLRBoreal Polar Province (Oceanographic Region Belonging to the Atlantic Polar Biome)
BPLRBarking Park Light Railway (UK)
BPLRButterworths Pension Law Reports
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Who will benefit:The new rates should increase credit flow to small borrowers at lower rates than earlier, while it will increase the cost of funds to big corporates who use their bargaining power to negotiate at sharply below the BPLR.
Under such cases, the Central bank has given freedom to banks for continuing the BPLR system on which the loans were approved.
Though the Indian banking system is largely deregulated, banks were mandated to lend at rates lower than the BPLR to farmers and exporters.
55 percent effective October 1, while maintaining its BPLR unchanged at 13.
The BPLR, which is the benchmark for all its old floating rate loans, has been increased from 13% to 13.
A committee has now been formed to review the BPLR system.
Global Banking News-June 9, 2015--Indian Bank reduces base rate, BPLR by 30 basis points
The BPLR is used for determining interest rates on loans and advances sanctioned up to June 30, 2010.
The BPLR hike by SBI is likely to affect the equated monthly installments ( EMIs) of the existing home and auto loan borrowers by ` 16 per lakh for a 20- year loan.
This formula is more transparent than the BPLR, which was not linked to any parameter in particular.
The reduction in both base rates and BPLR are in response to the lowering of Cash Reserve Ratio by 25 basis points by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Those borrowers, who were on the BPLR system, will see the burden rise by 25 basis points as the benchmark has been increased from 12.