BPLSBrownsville Public Library System (Brownsville, TX)
BPLSBedford Public Library System (Bedford, VA)
BPLSBritish Politics and Legislative Studies
BPLSBureau of Private Land Services (Department of Environmental Conservation; New York)
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Governor Marilou Cayco said the BPLS plan 'underscores the relative importance of planning for the future of Batanes as a protected area.
Anonym, Final Report of Geodetic Measurement Surveys (in Indonesian), BPLS, Surabaya, 2011.
Design Criteria for Sidoarjo Hot Mud Dams (in Indonesian), BPLS, Surabaya, 2007.
However, as far as the problem complexity is concerned, BPLS has still several weaknesses.
This means that BPLS needs to welcome the variety of aspiration and ideas from various stakeholders.
At the end of the event, participants are expected to design an action agenda plan in accordance to the statement and policies of the revised BPLS standards, Leal said.
But it is by far the most important component of the BPLS reforms we in the DTI and DILG advocate to our LGUs," Aduca said.
During the workshop, the participants produced possible areas to work out in the local economy in the aspect of BPLS, LIIC, local ordinances, creation or improvement of programs and services, business sector, economic development plan, and enrich existing economic progress and projects.
The formulation of LIIC and its corresponding IRR as well as having an effective BPLS will ensure to attract more investment to come in.
Also, it focused on enhancing the existing business permit and licensing system (BPLS) to support the LGUs in improving their regulatory systems and processes relating to starting a business and complements the BPLS program by providing an in-depth analysis of the LGUs regulatory framework.