BPMCBanque Populaire du Massif Central (French bank)
BPMCBoard of Professional Medical Conduct (New York)
BPMCButylphenyl N-Methylcarbamate
BPMCBrega Petroleum Marketing Company (Libya)
BPMCBrigade/Brigade Personnel Management Center
BPMCBowen Property Management Company (Portland, OR)
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2 million, was implemented by 40 volunteers from the BPMC, chaired by Leorando Lolamres, 56.
Under the terms of the dismissal, BPMC cannot sue Kaiser Permanente for infringement when Kaiser Permanente provides the "triple-marker" screening test.
In its motion to dismiss the charges, BPMC pointed out that Kaiser Permanente was basing its decision on the interests of the public rather than its own financial interest, thus forcing BPMC to drop the case altogether to avoid a test of the patent.
In addition to the equipment, GE also is providing site installation and training as well as a resident engineer to support BPMC for one year.
As the first step in joining the BPMC, Ventana will enable its GroupSystems Activity Modeler product to work with Visio.
Ventana is looking forward to working with Visio and members of the BPMC to further awareness of GroupSystems and the potential for innovative collaboration on business process design.