BPMNBusiness Process Modeling Notation
BPMNBusiness Process Management Notation (standardized graphical notation)
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iGrafx[R] 2011 Released: Key Enhancements Include Business Architecture Modeling, Support for SAP[R] Environments, Life Cycle Management, and BPMN 2.
For example, with the addition of BPMN, instead of just drawing out what a process looks like, Business Analysts can now use simulation to optimize their entire business process from end-to-end.
With ActiveVOS's structured and unstructured design capabilities, all process automation BPMN 2.
Content Sharing of processes, organizational charts, BPMN 2, data, applications, brainstorming (via ARIS Express)
An evolution of Lanner's original L-SIM embedded simulation product, the new version enables easy creation of models from BPMN diagrams and fast, accurate statistical results - crucially without the need for extensive integration.
MEGA Simulation BPMN Edition, an addition to the MEGA Suite, helps analysts evaluate the effects and costs of process changes within the organization, before changes are made.
We have chosen to model a given BPEL process through the BPMN diagram (Business Process Modeling Notation) [20], for the following reasons: BPMN tasks can express Web service operations while BPMN sub-processes can express composite service operations.
The test process defined in this paper is divided into a SPEM model and a BPMN model, and we then prove its effectiveness through related research and quantitative comparison.
Hacer uso de BPMN en la dimension de negocio y UML en las dimensiones de aplicacion y datos (sistemas de informacion) es reforzada por [10], en donde se plantea que el uso integrado de estos estandares apalanca la obtencion de resultados satisfactorios para modelar procesos e implementar nuevos sistemas de software.
Open and Standards-based: Blue Planet incorporates more than 15 standards or open source code bases (including Docker, LINUX, TOSCA, BPMN, Netconf/YANG, etc).
Created by the Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI), the main goal of BPMN is to provide a notation that is readily understandable by all users of software for business.