BPMOBusiness Process Management Ontology
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BPMO2Graph parser: it transforms a BPMO process to java objects using the WSMO4J API (1), and then applies transformation rules to get a process graph composed of activities nodes, connector nodes (AND, OR, and XOR) and edges to link them.
A BP test set was created with 60 BP from the telecommunications domain and 40 BP from the geo-processing domain modeled using the BPMO and BPEL4SWS languages.
Iron Mountain Latin America offers BPMO services, leveraging its customer base of information management and storage services.
Previo a la evaluacion de la metodologia propuesta, fue necesario el modelado de un conjunto de procesos de negocio de telecomunicaciones, utilizando BPMO (Business Process Modelling Ontology) [19], una notacion semantica basada en el estandar BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) [20].