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BPNBanque Populaire du Nord (French bank)
BPNBlack Peace Now (clothing brand in Japan)
BPNBureau Politique National (French: National Political Bureau; various nations)
BPNBritish Pendulum Number (surface friction property)
BPNBloc Primaire Numérique
BPNBulletProof Nerds (gaming community)
BPNBusiness Partner Number
BPNBâtiments à Propulsion Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Powered Vessels)
BPNBreakdown Pulse Noise
BPNBrevard Professional Network
BPNBudget Project Number
BPNBoundary Point of Entry
BPNBinary Pseudo-Noise
BPNNational Land Affairs Agency of Indonesia
BPNBibliothèque Provençale Numérique (French: Regional Digital Library)
BPNBusiness Permit Number
BPNBobine de Point Neutre (French: Neutral Point Coil)
BPNBandwidth Preemption with Negotiation (architecture for MPLS networks)
BPNBrand Profilers Network (Geneva, Switzerland)
BPNBloody Public Nuisance
BPNBusiness Professional Network
BPNBerkeley Parents Network (est. 1993; Berkeley, CA)
BPNBanca Popolare Di Novara (Italian bank)
BPNBest Practice Network
BPNBadan Pertanahan Nasional (Indonesian: National Land Agency)
BPNBusiness Partner Network
BPNBusiness Process Network (supply chain execution)
BPNBuilding Preservation Notice (UK)
BPNBiopartnering North America
BPNBanco Português de Negócios (Portuguese bank)
BPNBackpropagation Network
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The percentage of MTD exposed infants in whom CPS opened an investigation was slightly higher than BPN exposed infants.
In two different studies examining self-reported BPN satisfaction by mother, father, romantic partner, and best friend, there were significant differences in reported BPN satisfaction across the specific figures (La Guardia et al.
The ultimate goal of the DMFP is to support the NINDS and their BPN Contributors - drug companies and academic researchers C in the development and manufacture of dosage forms of small molecule drug candidates suitable for administration in preclinical and clinical studies of neurological disease/disorders.
Our strategic partners at BPN have been able to attract state banking societies to BEDN so successfully due to their outstanding reputation for quality production and affiliate support.
Services currently available on the PerFIX BPN include Order Routing, IOI's, Allocations, Direct Market Access and Contract Notes.
A trademark of BPN is the Open House presentations featuring 56 biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, each giving interactive presentations in specially constructed booths.
For Part 2, see BPN 09-03241-01, for Part 1, see BPN 09-03093-01; $325,000.
The learning rate is crucial for BPN since smaller values tend to slow down the training process before convergence while larger ones may cause network oscillation and are unable to converge.
Fig 3 shows a three layer neural network suitable for training with BPN algorithm.
Global Banking News-24 November 2008-Portugal detains former chief of Spain's BPN bank(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
Three genotypes in Table 3 are compared to the results of ESH and BPN in vitro fertilized oocytes from fresh oocytes.
We first apply the SOM network for classifying the sample data and then employ the BPN for predicting the annual medical expenses of the beneficiaries.