BPOABarbados Programme of Action
BPoABrussels Programme of Action
BPOABureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
BPOABarbados Plan of Action
BPOABerkeley Property Owners Association (Berkeley, CA)
BPOABoston Partnership for Older Adults
BPOABlack Police Officers Association
BPOABrussels Plan of Action
BPOABeach Property Owners Association
BPOABeaumont Police Officers Association (Beaumont, TX)
BPOABART Police Officers Association
BPOABusiness Professionals of America
BPOABurbank Police Officers Association (Burbank, CA)
BPOABlack Peace Officers Association
BPOABrownsville Police Officers Association
BPOABakersfield Police Officers Association (Bakersfield, CA)
BPOABusiness Process Oriented Architecture
BPOABoulder Police Officers Association (Boulder, Colorado)
BPOABusiness Processes and Operational Assessment
BPOABienville Place Owners Association (Biloxi, MS)
BPOABriarcliff Property Owners Association (Briarcliff, TX)
BPOABoard of Professional and Occupational Affairs
BPOABrentwood Police Officers Association (Brentwood, CA)
BPOABrooktrails Property Owners Association
BPOABridgetown Programme of Action
BPOABiennial Plan of Action
BPOABellevue Police Officers Association
BPOABusiness Process Optimisation and Automation
BPOABurleson Police Officers Association (Burleson, Texas)
BPOABenefits Planning Outreach and Assistance
BPOABritish Protected Ornamentals Association (UK)
BPOABroadmoor Property Owners Association
BPOABaja Palms Owners Association
BPOABlack Probation Officers Association, Inc.
BPOABlanket Purchase Order Agreement
BPOABlack Psychiatrists of America (Oakland, CA)
BPOABasic Peace Officer Academy
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BPOA 6 1, 58, and 67: All of these orders are sealed by Lu-Kala, scribe and son of Ur-E'e, the chief livestock administrator of Umma.
BPOA 1 951, BPOA 6 97, and TCS 1 47), and often end in the exhortation "he must not argue" (na-mi-gur-re).
BPOA 6 15: Letter-orders are typically indicated through a fairly standardized address formula; see E.
BPOA 6 47: Like many letter-orders, this text features several phrases that are difficult to understand.
BPOA 7 2259: This letter-order is sealed by Ur-Nungal, scribe and son of Ur-Sara the 'archivist' (pisan-dub-ba).
BPOA 6 565: The year name is not preserved, but the appearance of the clause s-[gid.
BPOA 7 2564: This text documents fifteen small cattle (six male and nine female) to the kitchen for the [gar.
BPOA 6 79: The mention of Ur-Mes as governor of Iri-Sagrig here, dated to the 25th day of Su-Suen 3 month 3, is the earliest known following the odd interregnum that took place in the final years of Amar-Suen's reign (see chart below).
BPOA 6 755: This text bears the seal of Lu-melam, son of the governor Habaluge.
BPOA 6 913: The appearance of Lu-Banda here represents the only textual reference to this early governor of Iri-Sagrig; the only further mention of this man comes from a seal impression (NYPL 281).
BPOA 6 975: This text, dated to Sulgi 37 month 7, makes the first mention of Watarum as the governor of Marad.
BPOA 72350: The only Ku-Nanna attested as an [ensi.