BPOMBadan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (Indonesian national agency of drug and food control)
BPOMBlack Pearls of Micronesia
BPOMBusiness Planning for Open Markets (course; Latvia)
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Only 70,8% of respondent knew that either the Ministry of Health or BPOM has issued regulations on jamu.
au quoted BPOM head Husniah Rubiana Thamrin, as saying.
The workshop will start with keynote remarks by BPOM head Lucky S.
Works with the central and provincial BPOM laboratories on post-marketing surveillance and monitoring support
Coordinate activities under GFATM support, including liaising with national TB and AIDS programs, BINFAR, and BPOM
BPOM estimates that in 2007, the country will produce 19 new herbal medicines as a result of research of plants having medicinal properties in the country to be mass produced by pharmaceutical and herbal medicine industries which have met the standards of good production method (CPOB).
BPOMS" or "BPOM") and were not reasonably likely to lead to a "superior offer," as defined under the terms of the BPOMS merger agreement.
We propose to pay the $500,000 termination fee to BPOM, if our merger proposal is approved by the HealthAxis shareholders.
In the last few days, we have done extensive reading of HealthAxis and BPOM's SEC filings, to understand the dynamics of the BPOM Merger proposal with HealthAxis.
Previously, the BPOM central office withdrew 100 kinds of Pan Pharmaceuticals' supplements from the market as the products are considered dangerous for human health.
Therefore, BPOM is expected to also issue regulation requiring imported products to meet all the standards.
BPOMS is providing remote software technical support for Spiegel's i/Series and z/Series mainframe platforms.