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BPONBroadband Passive Optical Network (SBC)
BPONBoston Parent Organizing Network (Massachusetts)
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As part of ECI's fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) solution, the Hi-FOCuS B-Light Indoor and outdoor ONT units interconnect various customer-owned devices, including telephones, PCs, and TVs to the operator's BPON network.
ATMC will continue to use Motorola's AXSvision element management, BPON, RF video infrastructure and CPE equipment to serve existing customers.
By implementing this patent in our flagship BL2338 SoC, we are enabling carriers to migrate from BPON to GPON without spending extra money and manpower," said Didi Ivancovsky, Founder, VP Marketing of BroadLight.
Announced today is the Meteor III Transceiver Platform targeted at the high growth FTTx and FTTH market for GPON and BPON networks.
As the industry's leader in BPON ONT transceivers for the North American market, LuminentOIC is the first company to bring triplexer transceivers to mass production.
The 700GX ONT family employs Calix' unique auto-detect technology, first introduced to the industry's broadest portfolio of ONTs in 2007 to enable Calix customers to deploy BPON or GPON over the same ONT.
The offerings -- including Internet protocol television (IPTV) over GPON and BPON, high- density optical networks terminals, and high-definition television (HDTV) and multi-stream IP residential gateways -- extend the ways carriers can cost effectively bring digital video entertainment, high-speed Internet and telephony services to subscribers.
PON is growing rapidly in Asia Pacific, especially Japan, where over 2 million subscribers are already using BPON and EPON," said Michael Howard, principal analyst of Infonetics Research.
The company's completely integrated product line consists of standards-based communication semiconductors and software solutions that enable its customers to deliver BPON and GPON equipment to carriers and services providers worldwide.
The Motorola AXS2200 supports simultaneous delivery of services over both BPON (Broadband Passive Optical Network, i.
By adding GPON to its access portfolio, and providing a clear migration path from BPON to GPON, Alcatel further strengthens its position as a highly competitive supplier of full turn-key triple play solutions," according to Dave Dunphy, Principal Analyst of Optical Infrastructure at Current Analysis.