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BPONBroadband Passive Optical Network (SBC)
BPONBoston Parent Organizing Network (Massachusetts)
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The combined company will expand its PON transceiver product line to include the full suite of EPON, BPON, and GPON transceivers, allowing the company to participate across FTTH deployments globally.
As part of ECI's fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) solution, the Hi-FOCuS B-Light Indoor and outdoor ONT units interconnect various customer-owned devices, including telephones, PCs, and TVs to the operator's BPON network.
Zhone's GPON solutions are giving us a high level of flexibility in both our service options and system configuration options that wasn't available with our existing BPON network," said Angelo Tozzi, president, Telecom TZ.
New Patent Describes a Smooth Automatic Migration from BPON to GPON
With an estimated 40% share of global BPON, GePON and GPON markets, Phyworks is regarded as the world's leading supplier of PON physical media devices.