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BPPNBadan Penyehatan Perbankan Nasional
BPPNBenign Paroxysmal Positional Nystagmus (otolaryngology)
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In 2002, BPPN divested 51% stake it owned in BCA through tender.
a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement Group) acquired the entire stake of BPPN and PT Holdiko Perkasa in ITP.
The Thai-based company acquired the stake from BPPN in 2003.
The credit asset was later seized by BPPN after Unibank was suspended by the government in 2001.
At that time SC's debts taken over by BPPN totaled Rp55 billion and US$38 million not including interest.
ITP sought fund to refinance debt in Master Facilities Agreement (MFA) scheme, which was part of the restructuring program by BPPN.
In 2001, BPPN offered to sell SCG through an auction which was won by GPA, an affiliate of of a consortium of Trimanunggal and Yanatera Bulog.
It was taken over by BPPN over non performing debt of the company group.
Although it was badly jolted by the 1997/1998 crisis, one of its subsidiaries AIC has succeeded in restructuring its debt to BPPN.
CAPC's debt to BPPN converted into shares amounted to US$ 417.
After the 1997 crisis, Salim handed over all of its stakes in the three companies to the bank rescue agency BPPN in compensation for its debt to the government.
The cash strapped government later divested assets in the banks after being recapitalized by the bank rescue agency BPPN.