BPPTBusiness Personal Property Tax (various locations)
BPPTBadan Pengkajian Penerapan Teknologi (Indonesian: Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology; Indonesia)
BPPTAgency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia
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BPPT head Marzan Iskandar said in a separate interview, "When the new refineries start operations, it would cut imports of oil products, but raise crude purchases because we won't produce much oil.
After patients received the education intervention, pain scores during the BPPT reduced significantly (p = 0.
Asymptomatic subjects also report varying levels of pain with the BPPT (Kenneally 1985), which should alert clinicians to the importance of bilateral comparison where possible.
Based on the research of BPPT, investment cost for the construction of bioethanol processing plant consists of production engine, supporting equipment, waste treatment, power generator, and land and building.
Her catering company supplied most of BPPT's catering needs, while her husband, Mohammad Ridwan Sutrasno, obtained contracts worth tens of millions dollars to repeatedly renovate the BPPT building in Central Jakarta.
Based on estimate of BPPT, bio-diesel factory will not need large investment and could be built by small and medium enterprises.
BPPT has recognized Indonesia's potential to lead the world in the development, manufacture and deployment of fuel cells based on domestic demand alone and Cascadiant is very pleased to partner with BPPT in their efforts.
The methane hydrate gas could be useful in the next 10 years, a BPPT director Yusuf S.
The Geowave Champion, one of the largest CGGVeritas vessels, conducted a seismic survey in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra as part of a TIDES (Tsunami Investigation - Deep Evaluation Seismic) project in conjunction with the Indonesian Government's Research Bodies, BPPT, LIPI, and MGI and the Institut Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP).
In order to boost the fishery sector, the government has increased the capacity of the BPPT in fishery research by cooperating with Japan Marine Science and Technology Center.
Criticism also came from the Technology Application and Study Center (BPPT) BPPT urging Organda and the city administration to postpone the plan to import buses from China as the quality of Dong Feng buseds need testing.
BPPT and PT Kaltimex have formed partnership to produce 20,000 teakwood seedlings (tectona grandis) valued at US$ 520,000 to cope with the difficulty in obtaining teakwood seedlings.