BPREBureau of Postharvest Research and Extension (Philippines)
BPREBlack Power Red Earth (computer game)
BPREBio Power Renewable Energy, Inc. (Germany)
BPREBiological and Physical Research Enterprise (US NASA)
BPREBreezy Point Real Estate, Inc.
BPREBusiness Process Re-Engineering
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Given the character of the context within which strategic decisions are being made, BPRE and restructuring have been seen as an effective short-term means of meeting the criticisms described above; of increasing returns to shareholders; and reducing the risk of hostile takeover.
The re-engineering or BPRE component of the paradigm is technologically inspired.
Proponents of BPRE may conveniently disassociate the concepts of cost and value addition in order to make this generalization; the surviving staff will then be hailed as making a great contribution to enterprise value addition and customer service.
Enterprises that have espoused programmes of BPRE associated with restructuring, delayering and downsizing have done so largely to make the savings on cost that result from doing more with less.
The acquisition was arranged by BPRE and financed with senior debt from KeyBank, N.
Keystone Solar represents an on-going effort by BPRE to enable the success of solar developers by providing knowledgeable, cost-competitive and reliable capital to solar projects at the start of construction," said BPRE CEO David Buzby.
By building lasting relationships with project developers and providing efficient and knowledgeable capital, BPRE is enabling the growth of the solar industry.
Ben Fischer, CEO of Signal Energy, said Signal Energy is proud to provide its utility-scale, solar EPC expertise to DESRI and BPRE to bring the Searchlight solar project to market.