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BPRSBank Perkreditan Rakyat Syariah (Indonesian: Shuria Rural Banks)
BPRSBest Practice Research Scholarship
BPRSBulk Parcel Return Service (US Postal Service)
BPRSBolivian Poverty Reduction Strategy (Bolivia)
BPRSBlood Pressure Recording System
BPRSBrief Psychiatric Rating Scale
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None of the clinical variables (SANS, SAPS, BPRS, and GAF scores, age, and duration of illness) were significantly correlated with grey matter volume of insula in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia (P > 0.
The mean BPRS scores of lithium, valproate, and atypical antipsychotics groups were 1.
At one week follow up the initial BPRS had dropped down to 26.
21) The BPRS has been shown to be effective in various substance-use populations.
After a month of treatment the score of BPRS decreased at 30 points and after two months of treatment, BPRS score was 25 points.
Finally, the scores of the BPRS subscales have not yielded any significant correlations with prosody.
Changes in the YMRS or BPRS Positive Symptom score at 40 minutes did not significantly correlate with HDRS improvement at any time point with ketamine.
8) severity, BPRS (SD) Service utilization Year prior to baseline At least one SE visit N(%) 23 (6.
The mean of scores on the BPRS, CG1-S, and PANSS positive, PANSS negative, PANSS general psychopathology, and PANSS total score at baseline and following four weeks following TJ-54 treatment are presented in Figs.
The BPRS is a widely used instrument for assessing mental health status and the evolution of psychopathological symptoms.