BPSMBanco Pinto & Sotto Mayor (Portuguese bank)
BPSMBusiness Process Semantic Model
BPSMBusiness Policy and Strategic Management
BPSMBryan Pendleton Swats & McAllister LLC (Brentwood, TN)
BPSMBlood Pressure Self-Measurement
BPSMBit-Parallel Systolic Multiplier
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The board's primary approach to student engagement is the BPSM Mentorship Program, which pairs undergraduate and graduate students in meteorology with volunteer mentors.
Every summer, the BPSM considers short applications from students and mentors and then pairs them based on the students' interests.
Moving from dichotomous conceptualizations of health and disease to a more nuanced understanding based on the BPSM is certainly a progressive step.
The implementation of the BPSM in this region was associated with lower maternal mortality rates (range: 60-63 x 105 live newborns) as compared with the remaining geographic regions of the country during the same time (range: 74-100).
During 2002-2006 the BPSM model was introduced as public health policy at the national level.
In addition to the purchase of BPSM by BCP, the agreement between CGD and BCP includes joint commitments to pursue a mutually advantageous expansion strategy, focusing on growth opportunities outside the domestic market.
Integrating the financial services operations of the Jose de Mello Group - together with the acquisition of BPSM - will allow BCP to become the 4th largest financial group in the Iberian Peninsula, ranked by total assets.
The offer for BPSM consists of a share of exchange of 125 BCP shares per 27 BPSM shares (equal to 25 BCP shares before the 1/5 share split).
BCP has also preliminarily announced the launching of two new offers for 100% of the share capital of Mundial-Confianca's subsidiaries BPSM (comprising an obligation to acquire the outstanding 6% minority shareholding in BTA) and CPP, each at a significant premium to their share prices as at 16 July 16 1999.
The Champalimaud group consists of two major retail banks, BPSM and BTA, Credito Predial Portugues (CPP, a leading mortgage lender), Banco Chemical-Portugal (a small investment bank), and Mundial Confianca (an insurance company).
The Champalimaud group holds a majority controlling stake in BTA, 45% through a stake held by BPSM and 5% through Compahnia de Seguros Mundial Confianca S.