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BPSSBusiness Process Specification Schema
BPSSBaseline Personnel Security Standard
BPSSBell Packet Switching System
BPSSBasic Packet Switched Service
BPSSBi-Directional Phase-Switched Screen
BPSSBase Procurement Service Store
BPSSBellevue Park State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
BPSSBrown Paper Sound System (band)
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No additional charge will be made for agreeing an arrangement under the BPSS, and no late payment surcharges will be made for amounts included in an arrangement.
Some late VAT payments give rise to a 'default surcharge', but HMRC says that any such charge will be cancelled where the agreement was reached after the introduction of the BPSS.
BPSS denotes the choreography of a B2B business process for ebXML environments.
UML activity diagrams, IDEF [15], ebXML BPSS [27], RosettaNet [20], etc.
The BPSS can be contacted on 0845 3021435 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm at weekends.
The ebBP or ebXML BPSS OASIS Standard defines this type of collaboration, and we at Sun expect that, combined with other standards, it will enable continued advancement in the eBusiness domain and for SOA," said Dale Ferrario, VP, SOA - Business Integration, Sun Microsystems.
Moreover, the engine uses the powerful, native jBPM Process Definition Language (JPDL), which was designed from the ground up with the ability to support any standard or specification that exists today or may emerge, including BPEL, BPELJ, BPML, BPSS, ebXML, WSCI and XPDL.
The newly formed OASIS ebXML Business Process (BP) Technical Committee will further define the royalty-free ebXML BPSS model for binary and multiparty business collaborations both within and between enterprises.
RosettaNet is also using the binary collaboration portion of BPSS, initially developed by OASIS, in its PIP specification format.