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BPSSBell Packet Switching Service
BPSSBasic Packet Switching Service
BPSSBusiness Process Specification Schema
BPSSBrown Paper Sound System (band)
BPSSBaseline Personnel Security Standard
BPSSBuchanan Performance Shooting Supplies (Australia)
BPSSBell Packet Switching System
BPSSBasic Packet Switched Service
BPSSBi-Directional Phase-Switched Screen
BPSSBase Procurement Service Store
BPSSBNP (Banque Nationale de Paris) Paribas Securities Services (Portugal)
BPSSBellevue Park State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
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Eighty days ensiled BPSS was used for the rumen degradation experiment.
Effect of time on ensilability characteristics: The chemical composition of the BPSS is in Table 2.
No additional charge will be made for agreeing an arrangement under the BPSS, and no late payment surcharges will be made for amounts included in an arrangement.
Some late VAT payments give rise to a 'default surcharge', but HMRC says that any such charge will be cancelled where the agreement was reached after the introduction of the BPSS.
UML activity diagrams, IDEF [15], ebXML BPSS [27], RosettaNet [20], etc.
Radomsky, like others, described the difference between using the BPSS model as a mere conceptual model and coming to see that the patient's experience exists in the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual systems.
In this way, the approach takes the BPSS model out of the conceptual and into the applied realm.
RosettaNet has formally adopted ebXML BPSS as a mechanism for expressing business collaborations involving RosettaNet PIPs(R), and government agencies around the world recommend the use of ebXML.
The OASIS ebXML BP TC will base its work on ebXML BPSS version 1.
Siebel BPSS provide a standardized approach and common language for defining and mapping business processes -- that touch both Siebel and third-party applications -- leading to greater organizational alignment and agility.
Fujitsu has participated in the OAGI BPSS test project to promote an open and global eBusiness environment, and to demonstrate its commitment to interoperability.
Codagen's offering complements the use of UML modeling tools by providing a true model driven and open approach for code generation with UML profiles for EJB, XSDL and e-business solutions, and by supporting standards like ebXML BPSS, BPML, WSFL, WSDL and BizTalk XLANG.