BPTPBalai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology; Indonesia)
BPTPBusiness Park Town Planners (India)
BPTPBanque Populaire Toulouse Pyrénées (French bank)
BPTPBlack Phoenix Trading Post
BPTPBalai Penelitian Tanaman Padi (Indonesian: Rice Plants Research Center)
BPTPBirmingham Primary Training Partnership (Woodview Education Centre; Birmingham, England, UK)
BPTPBovine Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase (biochemistry)
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The BPTP had developed a housing society in Sector 76 with 672 flats in triplex format with each floor spread across an area of 1,150 square feet.
We want to meet the BPTP chairman and managing director Kabul Chawla who is believed to have close links with Congress president Sonia Gandhi.
The tenant list includes Deloitte and Fidelity, besides offices of BPTP, a developer largely focused on the national capital region (NCR).
Based at Ninestiles School, an outstanding Academy in South Birmingham, BPTP recruits only 30 graduates each year.
For instance, BPTP chose to finance the PureSystems solution with IBM Global Financing, which assures them a faster return on investment and lower ownership risk.
Sustaining and building upon this growth required BPTP to find a better performing computing and storage solution that would enable a virtualized environment and at the same time help address the growing complexities posed by such a virtualized infrastructure.
To meet these challenges, BPTP selected IBM PureSystems for all of its processing and storage requirements.
Our vision for future growth based on an unparalleled home buying experience for our customer, meant that we needed to deploy an IT infrastructure that fundamentally changes the experience and economics of the way we manage our IT," said Sandeep Bedi, Director of Systems & Strategy, BPTP.
Another big-ticket builder in this region is the BPTP which has the BPTP Amstoria in Sector 102.
It is also going to see a reasonably high return in the years to come," says a BPTP spokesperson.
Similarly, BPTP plans of use 25 per cent of the money raised through its IPO to repay and prepay its debts.
Unable to pay for the largest ever land deal in India [ valued at Rs 5,006 crore, BPTP Ltd applied for surrendering the plot to the authority.