BPTTBushy Park Time Trial (athletic event)
BPTTBack Propagation Through Time
BPTTBritish Petroleum Trinidad and Tobago
BPTTBlood Pressure Triple Take
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A multiple comparison of the mean performance metrics of the ANNs based on LSD test was carried out using the three datasets in terms of BP versus BPTT learning paradigm, number of hidden layers, B versus O learning mode, M versus L learning algorithm, and topologies with different number of hidden layers.
The safe start-up of production from Juniper is a proud moment for BPTT, and further demonstrates our commitment to helping improve production capacity for Trinidad and Tobago, said Norman Christie, BPTTs regional president.
The project will feature the construction of a new platform - bpTTs 15th offshore production facility - 60 kilometres off the south-east coast of Trinidad in water-depth of approximately 65 metres.
The facility is expected to improve production capacity by increasing production from low-pressure wells in bpTTs existing acreage in the Columbus Basin using an additional inlet compressor at the Point Fortin Atlantic LNG plant.
Gas from Savonette, off the east coast of Trinidad, is expected to be available by the end of 2009, BPTT said.
BPTT holds exploration and production licenses covering 904,000 acres in marine areas off Trinidad and Tobago's east coast.
BPTT, majority owned by British oil major BP Plc, bore the entire US$80 million cost to drill the well on behalf of partners EOG Resources and local state owned companies Petrotrin and the National Gas Co.
In its 21 year history, AiA has successfully partnered on environmental projects with Rotary Club (Tidy T&T), BPTT Spirit of Community Awards, and more recently with Cropper Foundation.
The IRM scope included deadleg inspection of BPTT offshore assets, pipeline intervention, caisson repair works, platform and pipeline clamps installation and inspection and recovery of a caisson section.
The company has a famous track record in safety advisory services with clients for example BPTT, British Gas and Atlantic LNG.
BPTT Regional President Norman Christie said: Juniper demonstrates bpTT s commitment to Trinidad and Tobago over the long-term.
The billion barrel find was also expected to spur a platform fabrication industry to meet the needs of BHP and BPTT over the next ten to 15 years.