BPUPKBadan Penyelidik Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan (Indonesian: Researchers Agency Business Preparation Independence)
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Kusuma immediately returned to Indonesia and, armed with a letter of assignation from the State Secretariat, he was able to research the archive collection on the BPUPK and PPKI in the ANRI.
All Nugroho's arguments for rendering Naskah persiapan as the prime source evaporated with the evidence that Yamin had creatively edited the record of the sessions of the BPUPK and PPKI.
Indeed, the decree announcing the establishment of the BPUPK spoke of 'preparations for independence in the region of the Government of this island of Java' ('Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia', Pandji Poestaka, 1-3-1945).
4) Yamin's Naskah persiapan did not include all the speeches presented to the BPUPK and even omitted the entirety of the debates conducted on 17 July.
If this is true, it raises the question of the fate of these documents (in the case of the BPUPK, these were copies, since the uncorrected originals were passed to the Japanese government) and of what happened to the copies given to Notonagoro and A.
Pringgodigdo stated that the member of the BPUPK named by Rajiman was Yamin, as is mentioned by Logemann (1962:694), although Pringgodigdo (1958a:20, 1958b:30) did not name the sole dissident.
Two days ago' was 27 May, when the BPUPK had not even begun its considerations.