BPUTBiju Patnaik University of Technology (Rourkela, Orissa, India)
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He said, "We are glad to see our turn-key solution helps our SI acquire the new customer and BPUT plays a very important role in assisting the SI in the case.
According to the Agreement, BPUT and GDS will incorporate the virtualization technologies and applications into GDS' future data and disaster recovery centers as well as its IT outsourcing (ITO) service.
Yinquan and BPUT showcased their latest technologies and products including the International Business Communication Center (IBCC) which provides a complete IP communication solution to users, the world-leading virtualization technology and the innovative Diver brand Portable Hard-disk Computer.
We are excited to welcome BPUT as the newest member of the VMware TAP program," said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliance programs, VMware.
BPUT will leverage VMware's advanced virtual technology in the information security products marketplace in order to broaden its product offerings and strengthen its competitive advantage.
BPUT is a privately held software company in Beijing that specializes in enterprise application software research and development.
BPUT offers three categories of products: the DIVER brand hard disk computer, a collaboration information security platform, and its hybrid digital identity management system (HDIMS).
BPUT is also the leader in applied virtual technology in the information security industry.
Li noted, CVDT and BPUT can leverage each other's existing sales and distribution channels and distributors in China to enlarge the combined company's national sales and distribution network.