BPVBypass Valve (hydraulics)
BPVBenign Positional Vertigo
BPVBanca Popolare di Verona (Italian Bank)
BPVBoiler and Pressure Vessel (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
BPVBipolar Violation
BPVBullet Proof Vest
BPVBasis Point Value
BPVBovine Papilloma Virus
BPVBack Pressure Valve (oil and gas industry)
BPVBrake Proportioning Valve
BPVBullet Piercing Valve (ice maker installation)
BPVBusiness Process View
BPVBonnes Pratiques Vétérinaires (French: Good Veterinary Practices)
BPVBipropellant Valve
BPVBundesamt für Privat Versicherungen (Bern, Switzerland)
BPVBattle Planning and Visualization
BPVBackflow Prevention Valve
BPVBadminton du Pays Voironnais (French badminton club)
BPVBiologie et Pharmacologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology and Pharmacology of Aging)
BPVBleeding per Vagina
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Paper-based BPVs are not meant to replace conventional solar cell technology for large-scale power production, but instead could be used to construct power supplies that are both disposable and biodegradable," explains Dr.
Conclusion: Dysplastic Pulmonary valve shows a suboptimal immediate response to BPV compared to isolated pulmonary valve stenosis.
Though researchers stopped short of suggesting that this means all BPV patients should be on anticoagulant therapy, they did say more study is needed to get a better handle on the clot risks of BPVs.
As 2016 unfolds, BPV will roll out a full-suite of RIA-focused products and services, including portfolio construction and asset allocation solutions, marketing and branding consulting, and a number of technology offerings designed to help advisors better serve their clients.
BPV most commonly affects the posterior canal, accounting for 60-90% of patients; horizontal canal BPV is less common and accounts for 5-30% of all patients [Lee JB et all, 2010], while anterior canal BPV is exceedingly rare, accounting for only 1-2.
BPV reflects vascular autonomic function and is a recognised marker of cardiovascular health.
Nomenclature BPV Boiler and Pressure Vessel DR dimensional ratio (DR = OD/thickness) FEA finite element analysis HDPE high-density polyethylene ID inner diameter of pipe OD outer diameter of pipe PE polyethylene PENT Pennsylvania edge notch tension SCG slow crack growth SENT single edge notch tension SIF stress intensity factor ([K.
4) BPV Capital Management Announces Low-Volatility Mutual Fund
Officer A2 told the court he was crouched down inside an armoured Land Rover Known as a Ballistic Protective Unit BPV with his gun positioned in a special porthole.
CASE 2: 22years primigravida a 26 weeks pregnancy admitted with dragging pain at left hypochondrium and left lumbar region, fever, no h/o trauma, LPV or BPV present.