BPZBusiness Planning Zone
BPZBelow-the-Primary Zone
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Usage of the BPZ technology commenced with key installations on over 230 wells in South America and due to the continuous success of the technology on multiple worldwide installations, 2015 brought a contract opportunity, under negotiation, to install the BPZ technology on a further 3,000 wells, thus moving from mechanical pumps to BPZ to achieve savings on well maintenance, as well as increase production.
According to developers of BPZ - Pneumatic Pumping System, deploying this Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technique in Bahrain could increase the oil production of Bahrain's wells from 50 barrels per day (bpd) to 90bpd.
Our efforts to negotiate additional financing to fund business activities and pursue identified strategic alternatives were further impeded when oil prices plummeted and production growth faltered, creating additional obstacles to our restructuring efforts," said Manolo Zuniga, BPZ president and CEO, in a statement.
Richard Spies, CO0 of BPZ Energy said, "The use of the buoyant tower design has been a key driver in the cost-effective and timely expansion of the development of our Z-1 asset.
BPZ has given notice to mobilise a rig to the platform and expects to spud the first well in December 2012, while first oil production is expected in January-March 2013.
Houston-based BPZ Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company with properties in northwest Peru and southwest Ecuador.
Here is a synopsis of why CIEN and BPZ have a Zacks Rank of 4 (Sell) and should also most likely be sold or avoided for the next one to three months.
Oil and gas company BPZ Energy (NYSE:BPZ) said on Monday that it has received the Peruvian Government's Supreme Decree to execute the amendment to the Block Z-1 License agreement.
BPZ Energy is the first company to opt to use the buoyant tower designed by GMC and Horton Wison Deepwater for shallow water fields.
Houston-based BPZ Resources Incorporated (BPZ Resources) (NYSE:BPZ), an oil/gas exploration and production company, has added James B Taylor and Stephen C Beasley as Independent Directors.
The Company recently announced that its subsidiary, BPZ Exploracion & Produccion S.
The system BPZ The framework agreement includes the repair capacity of 2016 3 Buffalo in the maintenance stage 2/3.