BPolBundespolizei (German: Federal Police)
BPOLBusiness, Professional and Occupational License
BPOLBanks, Post Office and Library (IRS)
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TEI strongly recommends that the Virginia General Assembly act favorably on proposals to repeal the BPOL tax and work with the Allen Administration in crafting and enacting a repeal initiative that properly balances the legitimate needs of taxpayers, localities, and the Commonwealth.
Virginia has long authorized its counties and other local jurisdictions to impose the BPOL tax.
In addition, the BPOL tax is structurally biased against start-up businesses, which typically experience losses in their early years while they make investments in plant and equipment.
Unlike the corporate income tax and Virginia's sales and use tax, the final authority for BPOL determinations is the county (or city) commissioner of revenue; although local officials may seek advisory opinions from the Virginia Department of Taxation, there is no requirement that they do so (or that they follow the opinions).
Although the reforms under consideration by the Joint Study Subcommittee will address some of the BPOL tax's deficiencies, the tax will remain a bad tax that is difficult to administer.
Contract award notice: bpol bayreuth energetic restructuring; specialist planning for technical equipment (m).
To quickly respond and adapt to a variety of future Police and EU missions, BPOL needed to rapidly upgrade their AS332L1 fleet with current, reliable and affordable systems for the cockpit and the cabin.
Heli-One used their extensive capabilities and experience in avionics, cockpit, cabin and navigation improvements to provide a comprehensive platform solution that will enable the fleet to return to service quickly and perform BPOL s critical services now and in the future , said Anthony DiNota, president, Heli-One.
Contract notice: Bpol bayreuth retrofitting; specialist planning for technical equipment (m).