BQEBrooklyn-Queens Expressway
BQEBluetooth Qualification Expert (wireless technology expert)
BQEBack Quality Ergonomics (Centennial, CO)
BQEBasic Quality Education
BQEBulletin Quotidien Europe (EU)
BQEBreiholz Qazi Engineering, Inc. (est. 1973; Lomita, CA)
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Already at the forefront of innovation in the professional services domain, BQE Software, Inc.
On a later tour, however, on the BQE, I saw marshals directing traffic away from the curb lane.
Additive models depicting the effects of traffic, distance to nearest source, wind speed, temperature, and RH were created for each of the pollutants studied to assess the impacts of both the BQE and the WB simultaneously.
engineering, the BQE is cantilevered out from a cliff so that it is
Only three streets cross over the BQE, making entry and exit a little cumbersome.
Controversial urban planner Robert Moses supervised construction of the BQE, which stretched from the late '30s to 1964.
And I think that's what The BQE is about: this kind of incomprehensible building of things on top of the other.
BQE Interfaces With Both Microsoft Small Business Accounting and QuickBooks
WHERE: March begins in Brooklyn at Cadman Plaza Park, William Jay Gaynor Memorial, between Tillary Street and the BQE, Brooklyn, NY.
This commercial building is located near Chase Bank, Carver Bank, The BQE and the Fort Greene Park.
Prior to the construction of the BQE, the site was considered a part of Historic Vinegar Hill.
I used to laugh with Bruce [Ratner] when I was pregnant with each of my children that I would go into labor on the BQE and have to name one of them after an exit.