BQIBetter Quality Information
BQIBureau Quality International (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
BQIBest Quality Institute (Germany)
BQIBone Quality Index
BQIBeef Quality Initiative (UK)
BQIBackward Quality Indication
BQIBond of Qualifying Individual (Department of Consumer Affairs; California)
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La misma prueba fue utilizada para comparar el numero de plantulas registrado el ano 2008 y 2010 en el BQI y BQNI.
A pesar de que no se detectaron diferencias significativas entre los indices de Shannon, el BQI exhibe la mayor diversidad y el BQNI la mas baja (Figura 2).
No se detectaron diferencias significativas entre las estrategias de regeneracion en el ano 2008, en ambas condicionesde bosque, BQNI y BQI (Tabla 1).
Table 1: Expected Signs of the Explanatory Variables BQI COR RER GSI ICI IPED NICA Equation (1) + - - Equation (2) + + - - Equation (2a) - + + - + - - BQI = Bureaucracy quality index, COR = Corruption index, GEDBT = Growth of external debts/GDP, RER = Real exchange rates, GSI = Government stability index, ICI = Internal conflict index, IP = Interest payments on external debts/GDP, and NICA = Non-interest current account balance.
The BQI project will give Medicare beneficiaries a broad overview of provider performance resulting in better choices in meeting their health care needs," said CMS Acting Administrator Leslie V.
A unique aspect of the BQI pilots is that, for the first time, they will combine Medicare data with data from commercial health plans in each pilot state, including three leading partner health plans in California - Blue Shield of California, Blue Cross and Pacificare/United Health Care.
We have seen the major impact that Oil Sands assets can bring to OTC companies such as Canwest Petroleum (now BQI on Amex) which went from under $0.
BIOQ, OTC-BB; BQI, Chicago Stock Exchange) has been awarded a two-year Phase II SBIR grant, effective September 30, 2001, entitled "Comparative DNA Sequence Variation In Alzheimer Genes" for $738,847.