BQLBlood Queen Lana'thel (gaming; World of Warcraft)
BQLBest Qualified List
BQLBelow Quantifiable Limit
BQLBritish Quilt List (UK)
BQLBerufsausbildungs- und Qualifizierungsagentur Lübeck (German: Lubeck Vocational Education and Training Agency; Lubeck, Germany)
BQLBroadband Query Language
BQLBattle Quest Leagues (gaming league)
BQLBinary Query Language
BQLBusiness Query Language
BQLBank of Queensland (Australia)
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Using NC=F, 70 percent of patients on the Sustiva triple combination experienced HIV-RNA levels BQL (<400 copies/mL) versus 42 percent in the indinavir/AZT/3TC arm of the study.
Using NC=F, 66 percent of patients taking the Sustiva/indinavir combination maintained HIV-RNA BQL (<400 copies/mL) at 108 weeks.
In the study of resistant/refractory CMV, among 31 subjects receiving maribavir, 26 (84 percent) achieved BQL during therapy, 4 subjects failed to achieve BQL while on therapy, and 1 subject had withdrawn for non-virologic reasons prior to achieving BQL.
The proportion of patients with high viral load achieving BQL at 36 weeks using the traditional observed data analysis was 97% (29/30), 64% (21/33), and 87% (20/23) for the Sustiva/AZT/3TC, Sustiva/indinavir, and indinavir/AZT/3TC combinations, respectively.
Using the traditional observed data analysis, 77 percent (17/22) of treatment-naive patients achieved HIV-RNA BQL and 63 percent (15/24) of NRTI-experienced patients achieved HIV-RNA BQL.
Results from DuPont Pharmaceuticals Study 003, which investigated the two- drug combination, Sustiva and Crixivan, showed 84 percent (37/44) of patients taking the combination maintained HIV-RNA BQL for 84 weeks using the observed data analysis.
Eighty-six percent of patients taking this two-drug combination achieved HIV-RNA BQL, using observed data at 24 weeks.
Eighty-five percent of patients taking the two-drug combination maintained HIV-RNA BQL for 72 weeks, using observed data.
All of these BQL devices combine Atmel's proprietary "L" characteristic with the industry-standard "Q" (quarter power) feature to produce the industry's best solutions for low-power systems," explained Jim Fahey, Atmel's director of marketing for programmable logic.
These BQL devices can be effectively used in systems that have a standby mode, a low-frequency clock, or are combinatorial in nature," Fahey added.