BQMBusiness Quality Messaging
BQMBandwidth Quality Manager (Cisco)
BQMBretagne Qualité Mer (French seafood quality assurance group)
BQMBihari Qaumi Movement (Pakistani political group)
BQMBurgershoppe Quality Meats (Canada)
BQMBureau of Quality Management
BQMBiotite Quartz Monzonite
BQMBase Quartermaster
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Said BQM President Randall Bloomquist: "The Wela team understands that radio has an amazing power to position a professional service provider as a trusted authority in their field of expertise.
Although more than 500,000 Quebecers visit Florida annually, the BQM doesn't deal exclusively with tourism.
Conte's book tries to address the "probability interpretation" problem in BQM but, in this reviewer's opinion, a much clearer explanation than given here is needed.
13) In view of all of this, the question naturally arises of why BQM was not seriously considered as an alternative to CQM.
The company said the development of the BQM product range had helped pub operators improve the quality of beer at a time when the industry has been hit with falling beer consumption.
The BQM Forum, founded in April 1997, facilitates and expedites the development of reliable, off-the-shelf business applications.
As evidenced by the demonstrations, BQM is becoming an Internet-based commerce solution," said Mark Smith, business manager, Intel Corporation and BQM Forum Chairman.
By combining the new high performance and reliable Pentium II Xeon processors for servers with off-the-shelf reliable messaging technology such as BQM, this demo shows the way thousands of companies can achieve business-critical connectivity today.
The BQM initiative provides a technology foundation and the formation of the BQM Special Interest Group signals the beginning of rapid market consolidation that will drive volumes for transactional messaging.
The pods are used as heat sources on the wing tips of the BQM 107 Drone for Air Force and Navy air-to-air missile training with infrared missiles.
Innovations such as DMS and BQM are clear indications of our commitment to maintaining M/A/R/C's strategic and technological leadership in marketing intelligence.
BQM measures four key areas of brand quality: 1) product quality, 2) packaging, 3) imagery and 4) distribution.