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BQPBluetooth Qualification Program (wireless communication)
BQPBrooklyn Qawwali Party (band)
BQPBus Quality Partnership (UK)
BQPBarcode Quality Program (Australia Post)
BQPBinary Quadratic Program
BQPBounded-probability Quantum Polynomial (complexity theory, quantum computing)
BQPBrennan's Quick Print (Queensbury, NY)
BQPBonus Qualité Pédagogique (French: Bonus Quality Teaching)
BQPBatch Queue Predictor
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The Flagship group is one of the UK's leading meat suppliers and is made up of Roach Foods, Dalehead Foods, Flagship Fresh Meats and BQP Pig Farming Enterprise.
To successfully complete the BQP, companies must file documentation and submit the candidate product for intensive interoperability and end product conformance testing.
Incorporating Roach Foods, Dalehead Foods and pig producer BQP, the company will be presenting its new products and services package to retailers.