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Huffington Post decided to do a little digging and debunk some of the biggest bra myths out there.
Nearly 80 per cent of West Midlands women said they would never leave the house without a bra - and would rather leave the house without shoes.
Bras can also be donated in the post at: Bra Bank, c/o Flamingo, The Old Bake House, Downs Park East, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7QD.
We now have bra bins in many public places including banks, bingo halls - and even Westminster.
Singer and Grismaijer call breast disease "Tight Bra Syndrome.
For those times when you want something a bit impractical but temptingly beautiful, try La Senza Satin Lashes bra, pounds 22, and French knickers, pounds 14' Young Attitude black and purple lace bra, pounds 25.
I made the bra look like the front of a car with headlights and everything,'' she said.
They are a very good supporting bra, but do create a more droopy effect.
Doodle Bra is a great gift for someone or just for yourself.
Think about what type of workout you'll be wearing the bra for," says Ra'el.